websited-copy3You may have heard the saying “Small hinges swing big doors.” This refers to leverage. When it comes to your business your digital footprint is leverage, your website and your social media all leverage.

The really small hinge or the biggest leverage you have is the words, the copy and the way you use it.

Just because you the business owner know most about your business, more than anyone else, this does not mean that you are able or qualified to write about it. This is unfortunate, painful and true. This is extremely hard for business owners to get their head around.

When you are trying to sell and lets not kid ourselves you are trying to sell, you need to use persuasive copy. Not lies or embellishments because that won’t work in the long run and usually everyone can see through these.

You have to literally continue the conversation that your prospect is already having in their own head.

When we build websites, the one thing that everyone thinks they can do themselves and most simply can not, is the content. We have professional copywriters on our team that make it an art, they are real wordsmiths. This content can be re purposed, you can use it in video, audio and in text.

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