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A website can be a confusing thing, There are all these acronyms out there, SEO is just one of them.

These days having a website is no longer an option, it’s a must.

web-confusedOften when it comes to do with web the emphasis is on doing things right. That in itself can be a problem. If your doings things you should be asking yourself if they are the things you should be doing. What I mean is that you should be concentrating on doing the right things rather than doing things right. That sounds like not much of a difference, a play on words. It isn’t though, rather there is a very important difference.

If your trying to get to the south pole and your travelling north, no matter how well you are doing everything or how professional you are about it or how well prepared you are, you will never get there. What this means is that you should concentrate on doing the right things and not on doing things right.

When it comes to your digital footprint or your web presence it is very relevant because you could be spending a lot of time, money and effort on something yet it is getting you no closer to your goals.

The web is a very confusing place and it has a lot of moving parts to it and because it is so complicated even the sogirl-confused called experts are sometimes travelling in the wrong direction.

Our team has been doing web for over 15 years and because of this we have seen the changes first hand, when you see things change it’s not as overwhelming as seeing them when they are already changed. What this means is that the web does not confuse us and what this really means is that what may confuse others just provides us with many options. Our team concentrates on doing the right things and because of this we end up doing things right.

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